Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week of 6/23-6/29 Workout!

6/17/08: 15 mile bike ride on Whitey!
heartrate: n/a
weather: hot
Ave: 15.5 mph
Notes: So, I named my bike today. Whitey:) She needs some work and adjustments. I think I am taking her to Austin Tri-Cyclist and upgrading the whole aero setup (Keeping the Campy bar end shifters though) and putting Dura-Ace on her, as well. Yes, she will be a bit of a Frankenbike. I have been told it’s not a good idea to mix Campy and Shimano parts but the Campy parts for the most part on her are really good and I have always wanted Dura-Ace 'cause it's like butter:)

Anyhow, we went for a nice little jaunt. I am eager to have her ready to rock and roll for my next race in July, Couples tri!

So, on the downside, this was the only workout I did this week. Boo.

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