Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feeling absolutely moved and inspired: IMAZ 08!

After running 16 miles this morning (feeling pretty good until mile 12) with Gazelle Ginny, nothing could make the day any better then watching footage of IMAZ online. I watched 4 hours of coverage tonight and it moved me like nothing else.

I can't wait to take my shot at doing one sometime in the near future! :)

MAJOR props to Jane Kang and Jana Landry tonight and all the T3'ers and HRTC kats!!!


Monday, November 17, 2008

San Antonio 1/2 marathon!

I would rather not say how I did, but would rather point out and stress that I finished it...a painful 1:57:15 LATER. :(

Probably my worst half marathon time, in.........forever. Or at least since I ran the Houston Half in 2006 on a severly sprained ankle (ohh such a bad idea...but I did it!)

Congrats to allllll that finished it, the half OR full: all the Gazelles, Striders, Houston racing kiddos, SoCo kats, Dwight (hey, you looked hot after finishing the full thing!), all made it look easy.

I was the one that really suffered today. 3 weeks of traveling, not a lot of running and a bad cold can really add up quick...

More on the race later, maybe...

A special shoutout to Houston Strider Lou for the big PR and the great times out in San Ant last night....girl, we have to go party again sometime soon!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Run for the Water 10 Miler!

Another big PR: 1:25:12 or something like that. A whole 5 minutes. I felt horrible the whole time for reasons that I won't mention here since I know Coach comes to check up on this page when he doesn't see me at practice. :)

Anyhow, yes, vacation was awesome, yes, seeing all my friends this week at PASIC was awesome, and yes, go Obama, and yes, I promise to update this page, for real, soon. I'll be in Indy all this week, then the San Antonio half, and then I will get down to business. And more running!

More soon....