Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week of 6/9-6/15 Workouts!

6/10/08: 1 hour swim with Paul
heartrate: n/a
weather: warm
Notes: I took yesterday off and decided to get a nice swim in today with Paul. I did 200m repeats at Barton Springs as fast as I could, averaging about 6 minutes per 200m. (Not too bad...) Overall, a great workout and I feel good about my swim stroke at this point. Paul thinks I am doing pretty good, as well.

6/11/08: 3mile Run with Soco!
heartrate: n/a
weather: hot
Notes: I didn't feel 100% today and it was super hot, so I took it easy and ran back with Paul. It was nice to run easy, but I hope I feel better soon.

However, in more positive news: Weight Loss! I did weigh myself today and I am down to an unbelieveable 131. That's 5 pounds I have lost since I have moved to Austin! In 3 months!

My goal for the end of the summer is 130. Maybe I should bump that down to 125...just think if I stopped drinking and actually did some core workouts I might be unstoppable. Or at least in really good shape:)

6/12/08: Southwest Parkway 9 Miles o' Cycling!
ave 15.3 mph
heartrate: n/a
weather: hot
Notes: On possibly the hottest day of the summer (thus far!) Harriett and I rode two loops of the tough (but doable!) Southwest Parkway, a great place for cyclists in (you guessed it!) Southwest Austin. Our trip there was mostly downhill, and we averaged 16.1 mph. However, on the way back, we slowed down to 14.4 mph! Ugh.

We were so hot and tired after one loop we called it a day. Hopefully next time we get out here we can get in more mileage. Today, I'm just glad we tackled it the best we could!

6/13/08: 1 Hour Swim @ the Springs...
heartrate: n/a
weather: hot
Notes: Another scorcher today. Paul and I hit Barton Springs again and that water felt sooo good! (Of course, I had my wetsuit on and was pretty cozy!) My swimming technique is getting stronger, I just need to continue to push myself and work on some drills too.

6/14/08: 10.5 mile run and 17 mile bike!!!!
14 mph on bike
about 1:50 total running
heartrate: n/a
weather: hot and humid on run
Notes: Well, today I felt like pushing myself, so I did! It started with a nice 10.5 mile run (didn't mean to run that far...but I did!) with some nice folks from 26.2. That was the first time I have ran that far since the Austin Half back in Feb:)

Then...17 miles on the bike with Harriett in the evening! The weather was nice and a little hot, but neither of us had a ton of energy, so we took the hilly ride 'fairly' easy. Overall, it was nice to do a double workout today. Hopefully I am not too sore tomorrow.

6 comments: said...

Congrats! Heading your way the weekend of July 12-13. May take on the Toughest 10K in Lampasas and the Bat Run the next evening ... but may look into coming out and cheering you on Sunday morning.

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...


if you ask me nicely i will do the Lampasas 10k with you (remember, that is my first ever 10k!) looking foward to seeing you!


pinkgurugal said...

whatever weight you lost went to me... congrats! i think we women are so tough on ourselves. 131 or 130? you're there!!!

Coach Tammy said...

Hi Jessica - just doin' a little bloggy-networking! I'm moving to Austin in early August from Seattle (for grad school). Would love to meet up for some training. Stay in touch!

Anonymous said...

WOW! congrats on the weightloss. I am still stuck :( Grrr. When will you be running your next marathon? Maybe in Houston? I signed up for it the other day!!

Pony and Petey said...

Doesn't it feel nice to lose weight? I was thinking the same thing on my run this morning... just a few pounds makes a HUGE difference!

I still have 4-5 lbs to go...doesn't sound like much but when it's coming off at a rate of less than 1 lb a week, that's a whole 'nother month = (