Sunday, June 8, 2008

Week of 6/2-6-8 Workouts!

6/2/08: 3 Mile Run and 1 Hour swim

total running: 27 minutes or so

heartrate: n/a

weather: warm

Notes: Today was the last day of T3 Swim Clinic. :( After a nice run, we spent our last hour together learning some advanced drills and working on flip turns (which I really enjoy!) Then, onto happy hour to celebrate! Although I will miss everyone (especially Paul and Paula!), we will all be out training for triathlons, so we will all be in touch.

Plus, I think Paul and I are going to continue swimming together:)

6/4/08: 4.5 Mile Run with Soco Run club!

5k: 26 mins

ave for 5k: 8:22/mile

heartrate: n/a

weather: hot

Notes: Ran a 15 minute, 1.5 mile warmup to Docs (where we meet!) and then a 26 minute 5k with the club. It was fast and hot, but relaxed. A great run overall! Missed my crew! Back to drinking:)

6/5/08: A Windy 9 Mile Bike Ride!

heartrate: n/a

weather: windy

Notes: My cycling partner Harriett couldn't make it out to ride so I went out to the Veloway alone today. It was soooo freaking windy, so I rode 3 times around the 3 mile loop and called it a day. Enough was enough! Plus I got a flat tire which took a while to change (my first one ever!) so that took some wind out of my cycling sails too...

I did meet a new friend in a Houston Racing uniform (my old triathlon club!) who at one time was President of the club there! Although he spanked my tush around the loop, (and his hot Cervelo probably didn't hurt...) he was very humble and curtious and we chatted for about 30 minutes before I had to go. Hope to see him again soon!

6/6/08: 1 Hour Swim at Barton Springs!

heartrate: n/a

weather: a little windy

Notes: so this was my first time swimming here since I was a kid. The water, NO JOKE, is 68 degrees, year round. So yeah, a little chilly. I ended up wearing my new wetsuit, lol. Yes, I am a dork, but it's nice having it on, for the buoyany and added warmth (and Paul's laughs at my expense!).

Racing this weekend...I feel ready to kick butt!

6/8/08: Danskin Tri!

(Read about it in a seperate race report!)

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