Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hanging in there…barely.

The bruises are nearly gone and the stitches are finally out of my face, but sadly, my foot never quite healed up after my first ‘break’ from running. It appears that I have a ‘small’ case of plantar fasciitis. It’s completely sucky because that means no running INDEFINETELY (whatever THAT is) and has pretty much hindered my cycling too to only very very easy riding and swimming as long as I don’t push off the wall with my right foot. UGH.

What does this mean?! Hmmm, I have already missed two races, both the Run for the Water 10 Miler and the San Antonio Half Marathon. Next up is the Decker Half marathon, and I am out for that one too. But the real question is the real goal, Houston Marathon, which my PT is already suggesting that I NOT DO. I can’t get over how depressed and sad I feel. I will talk to Coach Gilbert and see what he says. I am thinking it is completely out though. No way I can bounce back from this dumb injury and be ready to run a FULL MARATHON in 2 months. FUCK.

Although I have accepted my fate it is really hard to swallow. I mean, running that race isn’t everything, although I really wanted to try and qualify for Boston, but oh well. I guess I can just try again the following year or something. And yeah, no more 70.3’s for me until after Boston. I guess I learned that lesson the hard way. Maybe I’m not ever going to be an Ironman either. Ugh, maybe my body just can’t do it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

good thing it's not broke...

Doc said my foot is fine. just another week of no running. i've come to terms with this new lifestyle of eating, sleeping and occasionally swimming. it's brutal but a nice change of pace and mental break.

HOWEVER....although all is good with the foot, i got freakin' ran off the road while on bike Wednesday night. although the bike, Trek, is fine, my face is not. 5 stitches, a wicked black eye and a gnarly headache later, i'm hanging in there.

helmet saved my life. had i not been wearing one, the way I fell, i would have split my head open. thanks to the Drs. at South Austin Hospital for patching my face back together, Kiki for being an amazing man and supporter and my friends and co-workers for understanding.

life will resume shortly. in the meantime, this is all a minor mishap and speedbump in life. i've already rode my bike again...no sense in living in fear, right?!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So…starting last Monday I felt an extremely sharp pain in my left foot. No swelling or bruising, but I just figured I pushed hard on the race so it was residual from that.

Well, fast-forward to a week later of severe discomfort even SIMPLY WALKING!

I made an appointment with a foot dr. on Wednesday so I can get xrays and all that jazz.

I’m so scared and sad. This probably means Houston and a BQ time are out for next year. Even if it’s just an overuse injury…I’m gonna be out for *at least* 2 weeks.

UGHHH! :( This sucks!!!!!!!