Monday, June 9, 2008

RACE REPORT: Danksin Tri (Not meant to be?!)

I'll explain more later...I got two flat tires yesterday! But, I had the best triathlon swim I have ever had.
And I actually finished the race!

The race started 'innocent enough.' Haha. I had a great spot on the rack right near the bike exit, I was in the VERY first swim wave, and I felt great, no nerves at all. The gun went off and I got to swimming. I actually warmed up this time in the lake before the race, and I must say that was the reason why I did so well today. I DIDN'T PANIC AT ALL!

Although I was in the water a loooong time, I finished feeling good about the swim! Paul was there cheering for me it made me feel good. Now, onwards to the bike. I felt great. I was averaging at LEAST 17 mph or so on that challenging course until BAM!!!!!, a flat tire at mile 8! Luckily, I had a flat tire earlier in the week (hmmm, a sign I guess!), so no problem changing it. Well...while putting air in it, I heard the tire go!!!!!! I must have either pinched the tube putting it back on or it was a bad tube. Hmm, lesson learned, no more cheap tubes.

So, I had to yell to anyone to borrow another tube (cause, I don't carry two) plus another CO2. (Okay, lesson learned there, carry 2 from now on). By then, a mechanic came to help me and I had already been sidetracked over 20 minutes. It was getting hot. I couldn't wait to finish.
I got back on after thanking him and hammered the rest of course. Then I finally saw the finish and threw my bike on the rack. I knew I could have been done with the race by now! I kept in good spirits though, and Paul cheered me up too at the transition. The run wasn't memorable, just hot. I did walk a little up that hill at the end.

Overall, I was happy to finish. I had a good start and end to the race, and I did what I came out to do, and that was IMPROVE. Hell, just having a better swim made the whole race worth it. Even if I had DNF'ed...I wouldn't have been sad. That swim was awesome! Now, enjoy a pic:O)

750m swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
2:27 T1
46:00B *according to my watch, actual cycling time

Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: nice


Sarah said...

Bummer!! Danskin is the first tri I ever did. Great race. Sorry to hear you had flats, but you finished and that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

2 flats?! What are the odds?! Great job on finishing though, and the awesome swim. Danskin Tri is in a couple weeks here, I wish I had a bike... said...

While I put a lot of pressure on my shoes, I've never had a flat in one of them yet ... ;)

Congratulations nonetheless!

Steeeve said...

Great race line - in spite of your sterling 9.8mph average on the bike you managed to beat 179 cyclists. And, you were top 3% on on the run!

Andy Stewart's first triathlon - last out of the water, first on the bike, first on the run.