Friday, July 31, 2009

Another t3 ride tomorrow!

Although this will probably be my last t3 ride for a while (will start long runs on Saturday after this week), I’m freakin’ out. Here is the route:

It will be my first go at 360. I STRONGLY DISPISE 360! But rather then be a baby about it, I am gonna conquer my fear tomorrow. Wish me luck, I think I will do 45.

Oh! By the way, last week’s ride was awesome! Ended up riding 50 miles with Jane who was a great training partner, despite the fact she thinks she is slow (she is NOT…she was in front of me for about ¼ of the ride…).

Training overall is going great…ran 9 miles this morning (YES, on a FRIDAY at 5:30am!!!!) I felt like a real runner or something as we skipped along the trail chatting about life and all the nonsense we athletes talk about while not thinking about running…meanwhile about 200 other runners were doing the same things with THEIR training partners. Ahh, to feel like part of something bigger than myself…very gratifying.

Going to some Physical Therapy (everyone in Austin-go see Vicky at Atlas PT…she’s great!!!!) to get my IT band finally worked on. Need to get my bikes refit, as well (at least my two race bikes). Ahhh, so busy…Half ironman training is in full swing (I’m now 4 weeks in…) and Marathon training starts Tuesday (okkk…I fully admit I am not READY at all!) But I am very excited and eager.

Overall, life is grand. I’ll be in Houston August 14-16, so holler at me if you wanna hang out!!!

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