Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The (Total Destruction x2=Demolition Weekend) recap!

I survived 360, amazingly enough. The tailwind combined with a net elevation lost there made for a cozy ride to Parmer. Although I wasn’t flying there, I wasn’t crawling either. I felt pretty uncomfortable in my aerobars for some reason though, so I was mainly on my brake levers the entire time. This equates for wrist issues the entire week since I didn’t wear my wrist brace, . The ride back was a different story. The headwind COMBINED with the net elevation gain made for a lot of climbing out of the seat. I actually didn’t mind it, plus it wasn’t that hot out. I think by the time we got done riding at 9:30 or so, it had only got to 86 degrees. Not so bad. A short 2 mile brick later and some breakfast tacos at Tacodeli, I was way ready for a shower and the real start to the weekend!

After I crawled out of bed Sunday at noon (wow! I actually slept in! Thanks Independence and 512 Breweries!) I got ready to Hash and yes, this totally capped off the Demolition Weekend theme. Hash was great, 5 miles of running in South Austin, in my neighborhood, on some very predictable trails. I ran almost the entire way, and it was grand to run easy and have fun with my friends in a social setting. If you have NEVER checked out hashing, I fully endorse it. Go to www.austinh3.org for the details!

Now as the week starts up again and I have finally gotten all the sleep out of my eyes, I would like to thank the fellas at http://austinontwowheels.org for the blog mention and Jason at www.atxbs.com for adding me to his blog roll. I don’t particularly think that my blog is THAT exciting, but that being said, it’s nice to have friends that do have cool blogs!

Finally, as I end this post…I remind the good people at Lost Creek Pool to stop over chlorinating their pool (seriously, I smell like a pool this morning!) and if anyone can guess what beauties lie in this box…well then I bet you would want them too:)

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Mercedes said...

emmm let me guess...bike parts!?!?! Nice job on the ride!! PS I put you on my blogroll, too!!