Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ladies ride (7.3) tomorrow night! i'm hosting again!

Come on out, austin ladies! here are the details on flyer below and also on facebook (i mean, you *ARE* on facebook, right?)

here is our group:


"Okay, I decided to host the ladies ride for this Friday!!!!! I was holding out for the fixxxed friday flyer/race and hadn't heard anything? Dancakes...still doing it?!

Meet at the Lamar Ped. bridge at 6pm, leaving at 6:3pm. (most of us aren't working so, this should work okay).

we will hit a free swimming hole, grab refreshments and then decide the next course for the night. I really want to see the Music Man at Zilker Park @ 8pm, but we can always head that way and split off along the way like last time.

bring plenty of water, lights and a swimsuit. should be a good time. i also know of a pool party nearby we can crash if we get bored!

see you all there, bring a lady friend!

PS: my birthday is coming up...bring some party ideas to the ride!"

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