Saturday, July 11, 2009

Double Down Ladies Alleycat!

AHHH YEAH! Race time again! I can’t freakin’ wait! Yeah, it’s gonna be hotter than HolyHell but it’s gonna be worth it! Hopefully I can avenge my performance from the last alleycat and even if I don’t place at the top, I will finish fast and strong.

And NOT GET lost (well…okay, not get lost in the Adult shop anyhow!)

HA! Deets below:

Alright ladies, here it is - Austin’s 2nd ever all ladies alley cat race! We’ve got a ton of great sponsors and prizes, and a bunch of new prize categories.

Dudes - this is for the ladies, but contact Heather if you want to volunteer for a checkpoint or the after party.

This race is going to involve some gambling and checkpoint challenges where you can double down for more points. 7 checkpoints with a few bonuses. Fastest doesn’t necessarily win Queen of the Double Down, it’s about how many points you collect and some other secret prize categories that will be announced at the after party/awards ceremony.

Registration begins at 5pm (we will be @ the Capitol at 4:30 for all you early birds) and costs $5. The after party will be @ Fast Folks Cyclery (2513 A. EAST 6TH. ST.). The after party is free for racers, $5 for everyone else, and will have beer, food, a raffle with even more great prizes, and DJ Daecosomoxi from San Antonio. All proceeds will benefit the Austin Yellow Bike Project.

Bring a bag, a lock, plenty of water, a bathing suit, and some money. Dress appropriately ladies - Austin’s heat/humidity in July ain’t no joke!

We hope to see you there, especially the virgins!


heather and Jessica s.

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