Sunday, July 12, 2009

dual race weekend: all-ladies alleycat and couples tri!!!

wow, i am so beat. yes, whomever thinks it's a great idea to race back-to-back days (especially with only about 12 hours of recovery in between them) is CRAzy! OF COURSE, i have been known to be called crazy!

anyhow, 3rd roadie in the alleycat and 1:33.32 in the tri. Which is GREAT considering i cut 10 minutes off my swim time from last year!!!!!!!!! bike was slower than usual, but was 'alright,' but really hot.

thanks to all for the support!!!!!! high five events aka jack and adams knows how to put on the events! lots of food, beer, etc!!!!!!! a good time for all! congrats to my partner, Ginny, who was the 'gin' part of "Gin and Jess!" 1:26 and some change. she is gonna start placing top 10 any race now...

that is all for now, more later. oh everyone wish my tri bike, Whitey, happy birthday! today she turned one! it's been a great time with her!

look for my REAL birthday plans to be posted, soon :) (hint: it's the 16th, this thursday!!) party is wednesday night...


So the alleycat first:

Things went well! I am not gonna lie, it was stupid hot outside. Racing at 6pm (especially considering that I had a race the next morning!) was not the smartest move. I went out there and did it though. Took my geared commuter, Trek, and we tore it up the best we could. Made all the checkpoints (especially the 7-11 at North Lamar-woof and the Givens Park at 3800 block of E 12th street!!!!!!!!!!!!) I think I rode 20 miles. At least. I didn’t have the best game plan, but overall, I was happy to finish and, amazingly enough, was 3rd roadie. NOT TOO SHABBY! Got a jersey, drank some free beer and had a grand time. Til I remembered I had to get up early :/

So the Tri…

Yeah I woke up with minimal sleep, but amazingly enough again, legs didn’t feel too bad. Did feel a little woozy. I’ll blame the heat of the previous day. :) anyhow, ginny and I and our race biatch Kiki (he knows we love him!) carpooled together and got there with plenty of time to rack up and hang out. The heat was already crawling. For some reason, my nerves were FREAKIN OUT! Not too sure where this is coming from. I have been racing tris for 4 years now and have never had issues like today!

As soon as I got in the water, all was forgotten. The nerves actually played in my favor I guess and I was suddenly very calm and relaxed. I swam the BEST swim of my life. Mind you…still SLOWWWW but steady and a HUGE improvement (we are talking a 10 minute improvement over my swim time from last year!!!!!!!!) I came out of the water cheering and so freakin’ happy I thought I was gonna cry. Ironically my swim coach Maurice comes up behind me and tells me ‘good job!’ I told him ‘it’s because of you!’ he dashed past me and we did transition. Ironically, we came out of T1 at the exact same time (well, it turns out he beat my T1 time by 2 seconds!)

Onto bike time. Coach Chrissie goes FLYING by me and tells me ‘looking good.’ So does T3’ers Tom and Cara. Good motivation. I hammered the first half at 19.4 MPH…amazing time for me…but wayyy to fast. I got to the 2nd half and my legs were DONE. I ended up averaging 17.0 mph overall for the bike course. My slowest bike this year! Blach….but I blame racing the previous day!

T2, I couldn’t find my rack!!!! Somehow, still came out, and ironically, 2 seconds IN FRONT of Coach Mo in T2. :) (sorry, we all have to brag were we can brag!!!) the run course was soo freakin’ hot. I started getting cold chills-no bueno. I felt slow and overheated. I felt SOOO slow. I ended up though averaging 8:41/mile, still my slowest run this year, but strongly under 9:00/mile. It felt great to finish, seeing Beaux (hey sweetie!) there and all my teammates and friends cheering. Ginny totally beat me by 6 MINUTES!!! She rocked this tri, for sure. 20th fastest swim time OVERALL (out of everyone that raced….even faster than my coaches!!!!!!!!!!) I need to take swim lessons from her:)

The afterparty was totally a great time and I didn’t want to leave. Sleepiness eventually set in though (adrenaline is hard to maintain when you are drinking mimosas instead of water!) and Ginny, Kik and I split to go home. I wish we would have stayed for awards, and BTW, we were 4th female friends team-under age 59!!! Haha…funny.

Thanks to all for the support again: T3’ers, Jeff @ advanced rehab, Michelle @ Performance wellness, Kenny, sweetheart Beaux, my coaches, the frozen yogurt folks, New Belgium, Ginny, and Kik. This is my favorite Austin race, I think. I’ll keep doing it as long as you keep holding it, Jack!!!

Onwards to yoga and rest today, and birthday week!


800m swim, 11.2 mile bike, 3.1 mile run
2:32 T1
39:36 (17.0 mph)
1:31 T2
26:55 r (8:41/mile)

=1:33.32 total time
27th out of 91, ages 25-29

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