Sunday, April 27, 2008

Week of 4/21-4/27 Workouts!

4/21/08: First(?) brick of the season, 3 mile run, 20 min. swim
total running: 26 minutes or so
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: very humid.
Notes: So today was my first brick workout of the year. I wasn't really sure how I was going to feel, to be honest with you. Coming off being deathly sick last week and a pretty humid afternoon, I knew this would be a struggle. Right before I met up with my tri swimming group, T3, I ran a nice 3 miles or so around the surrounding neighborhood. Ouch, it was tough. The neighborhood is uber hilly and the heat was yucky. Then I followed this with a great 20 minute swim with the group (okay, not a great swim..but it was a start!)

4/22/08: 4 Mile Run with Matthew
total running: 37:43
ave 9:25/mile
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: very very humid. yuck.
Notes: Today had to be the most humid day of the year. Very reminisant of living in Houston. Matt and I met up with the intention to run 7 (haha, no) but settled on 4. It was tough, I'm still not up to my running par yet and the humidity sucked most of our excess energy right out of our legs. Actually, what was probably more painful the bike ride back home:) A good run though, we plan to meet and run every Tuesday now, with the goal to run through the summer heat and also add a long run on Saturday or Sunday mornings.

4/23/08: Brick #2-3 mile run and 1 hour swim!
total runing: about 28 minutes
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: cool breeze
Notes: The heat of the last few days has blown over and left us with the nice weather that we had today. I was able to run a little more agressive today on the hills and then get a nice and long workout in the swim. I still have a looonnggg way to go as far as swimming goes, but I already feel like I am getting better!

The rest of my workout schedule this week looks like an hour dance class on Thursday, two 2-hour band practices on Friday and Sunday and then a 25 mile bike ride on Saturday! Hopefully it's not too hilly!

4/26/08: 25 Mile Bike Ride in Southeast Austin!
total riding: about 2 hours
ave. 14.7 mph
top 24 mph!!!
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: cool , almost chilly at start
Notes: So I dragged my body to get up early on a Saturday (I know!) and get in a nice 25 mile bike ride with my cycling partner, Harriett. We joined our friends of Austin Cycling for a scenic 25 mile ride through SE Austin. Little did I know how hilly it would be!!! The first 8 miles or so weren't bad. But then, the hills came. I had a hard time keeping momentum on them even in my easiest gears so I got passed by everyone! However, on all the straightaways I was able to get aero and pass people at a comfortable 19 mph. I'm starting to really love my bike as you can see:)

We almost got attacked by dogs on the way back (which scared the YKW out of me), but the ride itself was great, with a nice view of the TDC Landfill Wild Animal Zoo (or whatever it's called...I have never seen so many gazelles! or that close!) We kept pretty close in pace to each other on the way back (dragging a little bit!) but had a great time and rewarded ourselves with Starbucks as we unwound from the ride!

The plan for next week, in terms of cycling, is to ride once during the week (maybe Friday afternoon) and then do either the Shower Ride (20 miles each way) on Saturday/Sunday (free, go check it out if you live locally!) or do the Meet and Greet ride on Sunday with Austin Cycling. which has a 20 and 44 mile route. I'm thinking the 44 mile route...although I don't know I am ready for that...

Sooo many races to get ready for in the next few weeks...I have 4 races in a week's time coming up so now it's crunchtime to get ready and in shape! So excited!


Anonymous said...

Wow Jess! You've been so busy with training. So many races coming up. Seems like you've met so many people in Austin already! How is the job? Do you like it?

I need to meet some runners in Denver. I wish I was more outgoing in that aspect. I recently joined the Rocky Mountain Road Runners but have yet to attend a club run. It took me almost a year to build up the courage to do a Striders club run! What's wrong with me?! Ahhh!

TWRunner said...

You are really building up the base mileage. Way to compromise on the 7 mile run after your sickness. Health is more important right now.

Watch out for those dogs! Missed your book review in the last Strider's Newsletter.

pinkgurugal said...

austin,'re still a rockin texas gal... hope austin is everything you imagined and more!!! said...

4 races in a week's time?

Sounds like a Jon Walk schedule.