Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week of 3/31-4/6 Workouts!

4/2/08: SoCo Run Club 3 Miles
total running: 26 minutes or so...
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: warm
Notes: I started feeling sick after this past weekend in Houston (sorry I missed my Houston crew...I had to close on my old place so I didn't really have a chance to run or hang out much...) so today was my first run this week.

I didn't feel really spunky so i rode my mountain bike there and back (about a 10 minute ride, each way...yes, I am slow on the bike as I have mentioned before...) Hopefully I get to feeling better soon...I think it's allergies...

4/3/08: 15 Mile Bike Ride at the Veloway
total running: 1 hour
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: cool and breezy
Notes: I decided to get on my bike again and got a good 15 miles in. I definetely decided next time I go to Houston that I get my bike fit worked on. My seat is way too high, my right cleat is off somehow, and my aerobars need to be pushed out...

The ride was lonely, but nice. I am getting some more confidence on the bike so I was able to ride longer today and also use my aerobars a little (scary on the hills, but okay on the straight-aways). I think I am convinced I never want a new Tri Bike as long as I am around all these hills, lol...

4/5/08: 5 Mile Run with a New Friend!
total running: 49.55
ave: 10:00/mile
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: warm
Notes: Met up with a new friend today and did a nice run around Town Lake. Rode my mountain bike there and back, which is fun going there due to the downhill (as I have mentioned before) but not fun at all going back home, especially after a run!)

Anyhow, we had a great time running and chatting. We even timed our run perfectly so we could see the bats come out at dusk!! It's a sight to be seen...I was freaking out the entire time they were flying over my head! haha...good and fun Austin times!

4/6/08: 20 Mile Bike and 30 minute swim day!
total ride: about 2 hours
ave: 15.1 mph
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: warm
Notes: Met up with the Bicycle Sports Shop crew for a fun and friendly 20 mile beginner ride at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday! Tough to do, but so much fun and it was worth it! The ride definetely gave me the most confidence I have had on my bike yet, so hopefully next time I can ride with the big kids, lol.

Then I went out for a 30 minute swim with a friend at the great Stacy Pool. It's free, heated and not huge but still a good time. It felt good to get back to the water and actually swim a little today as compared to last week where I just 'splashed around,' lol. I think I am going to sign up for swim lessons...hmm.

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