Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week of 4/14-4/20 Workouts!

4/16/08: 3 Sick Miles with SoCo run Club
total running: dunno
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: cool
Notes: Well, i have a serious sinus! infection! I shouldn't even be out running today (and rode my mountain bike there and back to boot), but I came out to fufill my membership duties to the club (must run 5 runs to become official). So today I became a member of the best drinking club in Austin:) My ceremony will have to be in June since starting next week (bearing good health) I will be swimming with T3 Tri Club near Lake Travis!

Also, tomorrow I will be doing a modern dance class (first time ever, my background is in ballet), despite the fact I should be in bed enjoying my antibiotics and being antsy for not working out all week:) wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Jess! Yay, glad to see you have an Austin blog up now. I hope you are enjoying it there. Sounds like you are busy busy.

Oh and feel better soon! :)

Pony and Petey said...

YAY!! Glad to see you're back in Blogville! I surely missed ya...

Looking forward to hearing all about the Austin running and racing scene = )

Sarah said...

Dang, Austin's got a fantastic running & tri scene. Lucky you! I'll never beat you again now that you're training on all those hills... :)

TWRunner said...

It is time to get your Tri on, before Marathon season arrives.

Hope you are feeling better.

Jane said...

Cool that you are in Austin! May have some news for you a few weeks.