Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week of 4/28-5/4 Workouts!

4/28/08: Brick--3M Run and 1 Hour Swim
total running: 28 minutes or so
Heart-rate: n/aWeather: humid
Notes: I was pretty tired today for some reason. My legs just had no get-up and go! I still made it through the work-outs though with a smile on my face.

4/30/08: Brick—3M Run and 1 Hour Swim
total running: about 27 mins.
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: warm
Notes: I decided today that combat the ‘tired leg feeling’ and take have a Carbboom before my run and half a Carbboom before the swim. It helped, but my legs still felt ‘dead’ on the swim. I am starting to wonder if maybe my shoes are past their point of being tooooo broken in?

5/2/08: 4 mile run, soooo hot!
total runing: about 40 minutes
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: very humid and hot!
Notes: So today marked another ‘benchmark’ workout that I like to claim ‘makes me tougher,' at my favorite Coach Steeeeeeeeve-ism, 'tough, but doable.' So it’s 90 degrees and 6pm. Sure, a perfect time to get in a run:) Ughh, not really. I probably walked twice during this run. I guess in my defense though, I was running through a pretty hilly neighborhood. Note to self: don’t forget water bottle on next 6pm run. Yikes.

Tomorrow and Sunday will be two bike rides for a total of about 50 miles. I am very excited as it is part of a small tour, so we actually get to ride to the location, camp out, and ride back! Details soon! Should be fun!

5/3/08: 25 Mile Bike Ride out to Manor, TX
total riding: about 2 hours
ave. 13 mph
top 29 mph!
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: decent, sunny but not hot (at noon)
Notes: So my cycling friend Harriett and I decided to do the group ride out to Manor. Other then meeting at noon to ride (but, the weather was nice and almost cool!), day one of cycling was turning out to be great. We were in a group of various ability-level cyclists. Most people were riding modified road bikes/tour bikes and no helmets. Not exactly the safest thing, but at least everyone had a map, and had resolved to stay together. I knew Harriett and I would be at the front of the pack, well mostly. The first 8 miles out of town were slow and leisurely. The traffic at some points really scared me because it was pretty heavy. However, being in the large group made me feel safer--it was so empowering riding in such a large group!

The ride itself was just absolutely gorgeous. The countryside here is so beautiful…miles upon miles of beautiful land. And no chasing dogs! Some great and crazy hills, ala the Creedmoor Cruise, but for the most part, a nice ride. Did get in my aerobars a few time and made up some time then. Didn’t really go faster than 18 mph, but I’ll take that today. The only bad thing about the ride is that I made the mistake of riding my road bike over gravel…DOWNHILL! At the end of the ride…and took a nasty spill! Luckily, I know how to fall and was able to unclip on the left side. So I fell on my right side, caught the ground with my glove, my thigh (ouch-the bruise is out of control!) and my elbow (ripped it up pretty good…) That made for a uncomfortable night of camping…more on day 2…

5/4/08: 25 Mile Bike Ride back to Austin!
total riding: about 2 hours
ave. 14 mph
top 31 mph!
Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: warmer then yesterday
Notes: My elbow got cleaned up well (still sore though!) and my thigh got pretty swollen and black…which meant no aerobars on the way back:( After a good breakfast though (made the mistake of not eating much yesterday, and paid for it with tired legs!) I was ready to ride by 10am. I didn’t get much sleep but that didn’t matter. Too bad we didn’t leave until almost noon though, and the worst part about that today is that it was actually pretty warm.

The ride back was fine, Harriett and I didn’t really wait on the group, so we aggressively (well, I TRIED) attacked the hills and rode pretty hard back. My cadence was much better today and I felt much more confident on the route (just a reverse of that we did yesterday). I wasn’t too sore either after yesterday. Another good thing about where we cycled is that we actually did some of the Danskin route, so that is really going to help me out in a few weeks…yes, ladies, it is a tough bike.

Overall, it was a great weekend of riding. I’m not overally impressed with mph’s but I am proud of myself for riding 50 HILLY miles in 24 hours. Gives me a little taste of what the MS150 will be like next year:) (muahh-haha, yes, I am doing it next year, with the Tough Cookies!) Back to running now…where I KNOW I can aggressively hit the hills!

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Sarah said...

You're doing Danskin - awesome! It was the first tri I ever did. Bike course is rough, especially because if I remember correctly, there's one downhill that takes a 90 degree turn at the bottom into a climb -- thus negating all the speed you built up!