Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maybe Houston Half is out now…

So sad. After maybe being too eager, the foot flared up on mile 6 of a 9 mile run two weeks ago. I couldn’t get it to stop hurting so I ended up walking 2 miles home. It sucked. As both my foot docs (chiropractor AND physical therapist) said it best, this puppy is probably gonna take a while to heal. Like MONTHS to heal, booooooo.

Part of me thinks I am just going to go run the Houston Half anyways, damn the foot, and take the rest of the spring off from running. As much as I don’t want to do that, I can focus on the bike and swimming, two sports that SORELY need to get better this year, despite the fact I am pretty sad I can’t run. Well, I can’t run further then 3 miles. Ugh. And to me, just putting one foot in front of another at a snail’s pace doesn’t count as running, dammit, I want to be back to my sub-8 minute ‘running’ miles.

I know…patience…

Thought I would share my fitness resolutions for 2010 with you all, maybe some of you share the same ones. One thing is for sure, I will use this ‘down time’ as an opportunity to get stronger from the inside out. Mind, core, hamstrings, biceps…and so forth…I won’t give in this year. I will fight to be even stronger, especially after the accomplishments of 2009, which in their own right were pretty impressive.

So 2010 fitness Resolutions:

*get at least 1 mph faster on bike

*run a marathon with the intention of BQ’ing (hmmm)

*build a road bike (wheels included)

*volunteer at yellow bike

After successfully finishing a half ironman, getting stronger on the swim, getting 1 mph faster on the bike and learning to build fixed gear and single speed bikes in 2009, I would say I can accomplish all of these goals in 2010, as long as my body cooperates and I stay focused!

Happy 2010 everyone!

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