Monday, December 21, 2009

back at it, sort of.

running has been sparse, but due to an amazing Chiropractor (Dr. Lourie) and Physical Therapist (Dr. Vickie) I am kind of getting put together again. Yeah, it’s super expensive. Try $110 a week. Ughhh, plus on top of this, I’m buying a house. Talking about Financial stress.

Anyways, ran 9 miles last night. Guess you can say I am ‘kinda back.’ Houston is definitely in the cards (the half is anyways). It won’t be fast, but well, I just want to finish. :)

Other than that, the occasional swim, cycling as much as possible and trying to watch what I am eating during the holidays.

Eager for January already.

1 comment: said...

Be patient, good rehab always takes time. Good luck and nice blog.

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