Sunday, July 13, 2008

RACE REPORT: Couples Tri!

First off, BIG CONGRATS to Matthew who completed his first tri!!! That Couples course is one of the TOUGHEST tri courses in the area. And he did it for his first one!

My BEST one yet. What a great feeling. A slowish swim, an absolute KILLER bike, and a very respectable run. How killer was the bike? 20.6 average MPH. Holy cow. That can't be right!!!!!!

The bike works! I love my Jave-lero!!!! More later...I don't even care about anything else other than how an awesome bike (Whitey) makes me sooo freaking happy!

Props to the following for all the support (sorry if I forget anyone!): Paulie, JON WALK!!!!!!!Paula and her hubby, the girl that bought my wetsuit, Chau and Jane (sorry we didn't hang out!!!), my neighbors that are triathletes, the T3 crowd (Coaches Chrissie and Maurice) and my tri partner Matthew. I love all of you guys!

Onwards towards the Oly in September!!!!!! More later...
EDIT PM: The bike MPH are off (per Jon Walk!) I believe my actual pace was the 16.5 mph my bike computer averaged...ahhh well! : still a great and fun bike though!
Overall, this was a great race. Jack and Adam's puts it on so they make it as professional as possible. I have to admit I was nervous going into this race due to racing Whitey for the first time, and also keeping in mind this is where I got my flat tires only a few short weeks ago. Needless to say, I needed to get over that feeling quick.

My swim was okay, I had problems sighting for some reason so I definetely ended up swimming longer than the 800m that we were suppose to do. I need to work on this. A lot. I find myself drifting to my breathing side and once I do it, it's hard to break that habit. I was in the water a while. ha. However, I did almost beat my Danskin time, which is great considering this swim was 50 meters longer than that one.

The bike was actally great. I know the course well, so I managed to stay in my aerobars as much as possible. This will take getting use to, as well. With a pretty aggressive ride setup, it's hard to stay comfortable for very long. Well, I just need to put the hours in the saddle...No flats either! I had to smurk a little coming back into transition...thinking: "Haha, dumb chipseal, you didn't get me THIS time!"

The run started getting hot. My goal was not to walk the entire run, and I did it. Even up that evil hill right before the finish. I felt good finishing though and Jon Walk and Paul were there to cheer for me! I was even able to catch Matthew finishing the race and run in the last 200meters in my flipflops! that was awesome! of course the first thing I said to him was "that was badass, huh? when is your next one?!" He smiled! :)

Overall, a great race. Onwards to one more sprint and the Olympic in September. I can't wait!

800m swim, 11.2 mile bike, 3.1 mile run

2:30 T1
40:52/B (ave 16.5mph)
25:59/R (ave 8:23/mile)

Heart-rate: n/a
Weather: nice


a.maria said...

omg i totally saw you out there!!!

hi... tiggs just sent me your way as a "cool austin chick" i need to meet since i just moved to the area!

good job on the race. MAN that last hill... i'm still feeling it!

Flatman said...

Nice job out there!

Tiggs said...

jess- way to go girl!!! I am scared to do an austin tri b/c of the hills!!!

Jane said...

Hey, sorry that we had to leave early - she had to go back to Houston. Hope you had fun. I'm training a lot with T3 these days. Maybe an easy ride on the Velo one of these days? I didn't even get to meet your boyfriend!

Jessica said...

Hi! I was looking for races in the Austin area and your blog came up on Google. Intrigued because I'm also an Austin runner named Jessica. Anyway, I'm looking for a 10k this summer to get geared up for some halfs this fall. Any suggestions? Also, have you had knee problems while biking? I used to use biking as cross-training but it kills my knee now.

Jane said...

I've been pretty involved doing the T3 trainings. You should come out for the bike rides on Sat morn. Or we should just have lunch some weekend.