Friday, October 29, 2010

And TX IM training is around the corner!!!!!!

well...not really. it's still...6 months away!! but that's SIX MONTHS!!!!!! seems scary and sooner than i think. my biggest worry is overtraining, and yet, i am so WANTING this race to get here sooner than later!! i'm so impatient!

i did a 60 mile ride today and it kicked my butt. honestly, we had a great ride (my cycling coach and i), well at least the first 30 miles with a strong tail-wind going UPHILL. the last 30 weren't so fact they were almost slow. well...i felt pretty decent until the last 10 or so...ohh. but that's what i get for not riding any serious mileage since MAY!

i'm in the process of determining what training program i will be doing...i really want to join T3 but at the cost, i may just end up joining a gym and getting a personal IM coach to supplement. yes, i realise that doesn't sound exciting, but at at least i will have SOMETHING to keep my motivated and going...

honestly, more than anything, i am SCARED! not too sure the body will hold up. at this point, the swim and the bike are the least of my concerns...still having some knee issues i just can't afford to take care of...and what's scary is that IM training is EXPENSIVE. i'm in a major panic to get a better-paying job ASAP!

let me know if you know of anything!!!!!!

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