Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kind of getting back to normal…

I would like to thank everyone for the positive vibes and energy that have been sent my way. Although the foot is still not 100%, I FINALLY ran yesterday. First time in 2 or so weeks. It wasn’t pretty (well, it wasn’t FAST) but I was able to run about 2.5 miles or so in about 30 minutes. (Took some walking breaks). Noticed my foot started feeling achy about 20 minutes in so I knew that would basically have to be my stopping point, for now.

Been doing therapy with the folks at Performancewellness.com, which has really been great (although expensive!!!) I have another visit on Friday. Basically we have figured out that a combination of the wrong footwear/running shoe/lack of orthotics/hips out of alignment have been hindering me for quite a while. How I trained through all that, I have yet to figure out. Luckily, I have new shoes on order, new orthotics in my shoes and a few spinal adjustments under my belt :) Not sure I have shook this foot thing yet, but I need to continue to work my calves lose (thinking of compression socks to wear during the day to help with this) and to stay positive.

One day a week of Gazelle core and 2x a week of swimming for an hour and 3x a week of VERY VERY easy cycling are helping take the edge off and keep my weight down (haven’t gained at all and staying in ‘decent shape.’) Hopefully as the weather continues to sink in digits, I can hop on the trainer, start putting mileage on my tri bike again, and who knows, maybe even actually run the Houston Half Marathon in January…! :)

More later…rest day today (aka bike building evening!)

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