Friday, August 7, 2009

Hey you racing types!

So there are 3 alleycats this week! Go Bicycle Film Fest week in Austin! (will try to catch some films tomorrow!) although I missed the first race (but did send kiki to go race on his 26’ cruiser-and he wasn’t last!), I will be at the other two. Tonight is the infamous Fab Friday fix gear race. My goal isn’t too be last, and I heard we are doing parking garages! Whatwhat?! Tomorrow morning I am doing a ladies race, and yes, I am pulling out a gear bike. #1-it has water bottle cages, #2-it makes my knees feel better when I have to climb. #3-it makes me looook fast :)

See ya’ll kids out on the streets! Have a great weekend! Be safe, hydrate! Hopefully I will have tales of bikes, boys, green day and random other spats of debauchery on Monday!

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