Thursday, October 8, 2009

wow, i will actually get to ride my bike 5 days in a row!

due to a nagging leg injury from January (if not older than that!!!) i haven't been riding as much as I would like, since maybe july. OHHH, it sucks. My bike performance certainly peaked. i went from a nice ave. 16-17 mph on short cruises to a slow and sluggish 15-16.

well, i'm trying to turn the tables. #1, my knee feels better finally. #2, i have a 'little race' called a half ironman coming up. #3 (and most important): i miss riding my steeds and a little pain isn't going to stop me from riding!!!

btw, off-season tri goal is to focus on cycling. one long ride a week followed by 2 hour-long spin classes. hey, yeah i know you might be giggling at the thought of doing spin class, but just 3 classes convinced me of the benefits. PLUS! i learned how to climb out of my seat!

anyhow, 15 miles yesterday on the tri bike, 15 miles tonight on the fixed gear for fun (bike-in to see the Goonies with my cool and awesome band!!!), 20 miles tomorrow on fixie for fun, 35 miles on the tri bike in the morning Saturday, 30 miles saturday PM for the alleycat, and 30 miles sunday for the OTHER alleycat...and anything else i can throw in for fun.

145 miles in 5 days...not a new record but at an average of 30 miles a day, this is where i need to be again.

see ya'll on the streets. be SAFE!

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