Sunday, October 18, 2009

47:00, a néw huge 10k pr!

Wow. More later!


All I had to say is I didn’t know I had a 47:00 in me. I figured…”sure, it sounds good, I’ll say I want to run a 47 but actually run a 48-something…” All of my workouts lately though have shown me otherwise that a 47-something was very possible. Factor in the great weather, a good vibe in the air, a fantastic course…not to mention my first road race since…the Jackrabbit 10k in May. Overall, this is one I want to do every year from here on out. 2 years in a row of PR’ing here makes me really look forward to it. Flat course with a lot of turns in the middle of nowhere (haha)…but I’ll take it!

Last challenge for the late-summer (although technically it’s fall now) is my last tri that is coming up this weekend!!! the Longhorn 70.3. Yes, my little web widget to the right says it already occurred, but that thing is wrong and I never figured out how to change it. Sure, I’m nervous. After all, I’ve pretty much been training for it non-stop since January. That’s 10 months of cycling training and 9 months of swim training. That’s a LOT. Have I made the improvements that I wanted to make this season? Maybe not, but my swimming AND cycling have gotten stronger, that much is for sure.

I’m most excited for that cool swim and hoping that the bike course isn’t too chilly. I’ll probably bring my arm warmers and hope my little knees stay warm. Of course I will wear gloves. Then finishing that bike with NO issues and going onwards to a strong half marathon!!! I really just want to finish, but anything from 6 hours to 6:30 (if all goes as planned!) would really make me happy…haven’t decided what food I want to pig out on yet after, although some REALLY REALLY good cheesy enchiladas and a couple of strong frozen margaritas on the patio somewhere here in town sounds AMAZING!

Come out and cheer for me if you are in town! This Sunday, Oct 25th at 8am at Decker Lake! I’ll post my race # once I get it! Wish me luck!!!

The Stats:

=47:00 (ave 7:34/mile)
7:43, 7:37, 7:42,
7:32, 7:48, 7:24, 1:12

4th out of in the 25-29 age group


TX Runner Mom said...

Dang, you are so fast!! Good luck at your race...not that you need it. :-)

Brittany M. said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH! Awesome run! I will look for you at Longhorn! I'm doing the swim leg of a relay, then cheering, cheering, cheering! Kick butt, I know you will!