Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finished my first adult criterium!!!!!

and guess what, I wasn't last! It was a lot of fun. I was pretty nervous going into it. Not knowing what to fast the peleton would be agressive the pack would be...overtaking people...planning strategies on when to attack and all that other roadie jargon...

the sprint out of the front gate is sadly what got me (as an amatuer racer...i didn't know!!!) but it was great picking people off the front pack. I averaged 19.3 mph...which *IS* slow in bike racing circles...but the front pack probably was at 23-24mph so I wasn't terribly far behind.

I did get lapped at the end and those girls were GETTING it! it was inspiring!

and in the end, it was great to race! i enjoyed it so much i think i will HAVE TO come to the next one. hopefully if I really get into this race thing (you know, not that i PLAN to), i can do more of these and actually stay with the pack!

now on towards saturday, a little hilly 10k race to warmup the legs for the afternoon's alleycat...yes it will be fun and yes i plan to place. Win...ehhhh, but i would definetely like to be in the top.

OH...and i am doing it on my fixie:)

PS: proof i 'look' like a cyclist: pg 82 and 89. rawr. i look great in pink, i have realized this!

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Mercedes said...

Nice pix and nice job with the 19.3 mph!! That sounds good to me!!! :)