Monday, March 30, 2009

48:58 in Cap 10k. I beat the mayor of Austin!

Wow, what a major workout weekend. Flashbacks of pain came at various points and never seemed to stop, including an evil sunburn from 2 days of not wearing a hat! But that makes you tough, right?! I ended up spending the entire weekend outside though, which was awesome. Saturday was the 62 mile Rosedale Ride with the worst head winds ever. 13 mph for over 5 hours….geeez. It goes down as the worst ride conditions ever, at least according to everyone I know. And my longest ride to date!!! I seriously burned 2500 calories, which don’t worry, I made up by much dehydrating liquid consumption…haha.

My legs were toast but I still found the energy to go to Les’ bike alleycat on the way home. (didn’t race though but took pics and drank some) then took the night to rest and carb up, and got up early (again) to do the Cap 10k. The 5th largest 10k in the US! Wow, I had no idea. Rode my bike there (about a mile trip). I was in a great corral (blue), and I ran into a bunch of my Gazelle buddies. Since I haven’t been running much lately, I knew this was going to be a painful race, not run with much joy (sorry Gilbert…) My goal was just to finish under 50 minutes. I ran into Staley and Tara though and their goal was 50 minutes too so I decided to pace them, not even sure if I could do it though.

I dropped Tara at mile 3 and Staley shortly after…I felt bad about it but at this point, I knew I could still finish in 50 minutes and if Staley could see me, he would too. Mile 4 my legs gave out. Thank goodness for all the Gazelles cheering at Run Tex-Lake Austin. Hi Beth! Was Carrie there too? I pushed as hard as I could the last 2 miles, pulling negative splits, and only missing my PR by 32 seconds! Coach G even saw me finish strong, which was inspiring!! I did beat the Mayor, Will Wynn. He was a good sport about it, as his personal goal was 47 minutes. Good job, Wynn! I still do love Houston’s Mayor Bill White (Whitey!!!) but I don’t see him running 10k’s that much…now my next goal is to beat the Governor Rick Perry in a race! :)

Rode bikes home with Kiki and took a short 30 minute nap after a large breakfast…rode my new fixie bike to Sexy Sunday, a trick competition near Towne Lake, hung out for a little while, then went onwards to the Austin Hash Harriers run, which Kiki was laying trail on this week. it was my first hash ever…mainly because I always thought the Houston Hashers were scary (but that’s just being ridiculous…they are a great group!) I ended up running 8 miles on a 4 mile trail because we got pretty lost…in hindsight, I bet I really only ran about 6 of those miles and walked the other 2…but my legs were done. DONE. Copious drinking and eating rounded out the night and a fabulous training weekend. I don’t know where all the energy came from. Must have been all the adrenaline….

Jon Walk teased me on Facebook about how I’m just readying myself for an Ironman…so I guess I can put this down as my first ever ‘big’ training weekend. Next weekend will be just as long and crazy when I ride 40 miles on Saturday and then attempt 70-85 more miles on Sunday. WOWZA….i can do this…MS150, I am going to own you! Yes, just wait til I sacrifice myself to the Ironman Gods….no more sleeping in…30 minute power naps and pool hair every day…it’s going to be a crazy voyage! I can’t wait!

Total weekend running: 14 miles

Total weekend cycling: 80 miles

I’m taking today off (well deserved!!!) and tomorrow is band practice. I’ll try to run in the morning to stretch the legs out…wish me luck this week!

if interested, pics will be here:


Mercedes said...

Heck yes, Jess! Nice work toughing out the icy wind at Rosedale. You are a MACHINE!!!!

Tiggs said...

sounds like a great weekend!!!!!

Vic said...

WTG!!! Nice time for that 10K, despite tired legs. I'm not sure I could do a 5K in that time right now, even with rested legs.