Monday, November 17, 2008

San Antonio 1/2 marathon!

I would rather not say how I did, but would rather point out and stress that I finished it...a painful 1:57:15 LATER. :(

Probably my worst half marathon time, in.........forever. Or at least since I ran the Houston Half in 2006 on a severly sprained ankle (ohh such a bad idea...but I did it!)

Congrats to allllll that finished it, the half OR full: all the Gazelles, Striders, Houston racing kiddos, SoCo kats, Dwight (hey, you looked hot after finishing the full thing!), all made it look easy.

I was the one that really suffered today. 3 weeks of traveling, not a lot of running and a bad cold can really add up quick...

More on the race later, maybe...

A special shoutout to Houston Strider Lou for the big PR and the great times out in San Ant last night....girl, we have to go party again sometime soon!!!

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